Discovering epistemological axes for academic programs in computer science through network analysis

Luis Casillas Santillán, Alonso Castillo Pérez


Academic programs in higher education institutions (HEI) are constantly under construction. They are never finished at all. As reader could agree, the current merging of knowledge in present societies is inexorable. The available cyber-infrastructure is able to support new approaches in science development. Hence, academic programs in HEI are clearly under the pressure to be constantly modernized in order to provide valid and up to date knowledge. Every academic program has this challenge in present societies. Our approach is aimed at providing a practical method for discovering the epistemological axes through the use of some notions from complex networks analysis. We worked on “Computer Science” programs in the University Center for Exact Sciences and Engineering from the University of Guadalajara. Nevertheless, the proposed method could be easily extrapolated to different programs in HEI, due to similar nature of knowledge in diverse knowledge branches.Keywords: Complex networks, knowledge discovery, knowledge management, epistemological axes, clustering coefficient. 

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