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Mavis can be an inspiring city counsellor who suffers from a significant phobia of baked beans ~ A Biography ~ Mavis Chantal Donaldson can be a 23-year-old city counsellor who enjoys jigsaw puzzles, hockey and playing card online games. She is inspiring and energetic, but can even be really dull plus a little bit evil. She's a Welsh Hindu who defines herself as straight. She has a degree in philosophy, politics and economics. She has phobias of baked beans and apostrophes Bodily, Mavis isn't in wonderful condition. She should shed quite a lot of bodyweight. She may be very quick with pale skin, white hair and black eyes. She grew up in a very Doing work class neighbourhood. Her mothers and fathers divided when she was tiny, but remained good friends and offered a cheerful, secure dwelling. She's presently inside a romantic relationship with Harri Glenn Miles. Harri is 20 years more mature than her and will work as a lawyer. Mavis's ally is usually a city counsellor referred to as Bryn Griffiths. They get on well usually. She also hangs about with Liberty Richards and Tegan Howells. They enjoy stealing candy from babies jointly.