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property for sale margarita gardens paphos, cyprus property marketplace, cyprus property news Have you have ever dreamed of taking off to a place exactly where you can leave pressures of each day life behind you and delight in endless days of sunshine? All through the island you can locate beautiful shaded vineyards, ancient monasteries, sandy beaches, citrus groves and castle ruins. Cyprus property for sale is tempting for everyone enticed by gorgeous, golden sand beaches. Because 1974 prices have been moving upwards at varying prices p.a. Upto the year 2001, rates moved upwards on average 7% - ten% p.a., but considering the fact that the Cyprus Stock exchange crash, investors interest turned towards actual estate. True Estate Investment, be it a house, land revenue creating property or development, has been so far a "secure" investment in terms of security of capital. If you are contemplating where to buy homes in Cyprus, and if you are obtaining for resale purposes, note that these properties are a lot more attractive to the slightly older age group.

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